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Learning to lead climb is a thrilling phase in your climbing journey, but safety is paramount. Our comprehensive two-day course focuses on equipping you with the skills necessary to become an effective, efficient, and safe lead climber. This is one of several amazing climbing courses we offer.

Tailored for individuals who have some prior mountaineering experience or those transitioning from being a second, this course is designed to elevate your climbing prowess. Whether you're looking to step up your mountaineering game or venture into lead climbing for the first time, we've got you covered.

Lake District Adventuring prioritize safety and personalized learning. Our course is conducted at a 1:2 ratio under the expert guidance of an Association of Mountaineering Instructors member. This ensures that you receive individualized attention, maximizing both your learning experience and climbing enjoyment.

Unlike other courses, we don't follow a rigid plan. Our approach is flexible, adapting to your specific level of ability and needs throughout the two-day program. Whether you are seeking to overcome specific challenges, enhance technique, or build confidence, our experienced instructors will tailor the course to meet your goals.

Our Learn to Lead Climb course is priced at £200 per adult for 2 days, and can be run at convenient time that works for you there is a minimum requirement of 2 adults. This affordable rate includes expert instruction, personalized guidance, and a transformative climbing experience.

Ready to take the next step in your climbing journey? Secure your spot in our Learn to Lead Climb course and unlock the skills to conquer new heights safely. Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines adventure, skill-building, and a passion for climbing. Don't miss out—book your spot today and embrace the thrill of learning to lead the climb with confidence!

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All about the LEARN TO LEAD CLIMB.

Learning to Lead climb is an exciting and exhilarating part of your climbing journey . However that journey needs to be safe. Over the duration of the 2 day we will look at the skills that you need to make you an effective, efficient and safe lead climber. Most people who look to do a course about learning to lead climb have done some mountaineering in the past and now looking to step it up. Alternatively have been a second for some time now and are now looking to give it ago as well.

The Learn to Lead Climb course is run on a ratio of 1:2 under the instruction of an Association of Mountaineering instructors member so that you get the most out of the day and maximum climbing. The is set to your level and because of the do not have set plan we will fit the course around your level of ability and needs through out.

Over the course of the 2 days we will look at

  • Re-cap on core rock climbing skills such as movement on rock and belaying both leader and second (including holding falls and lowering).
  • Tying into multi – point anchors both in reach and out of reach using the rope alone.
  • Learning to use rock climbing protection equipment such as nuts on wire, hexes and camming devices and assessing the efficacy of the placements.
  • Developing lead climbing skills.
  • Interpreting a climbing guide book, identifying a route and then climbing it.
  • Understanding of climbing grades, ethics and conservation.
  • Abseiling, how to protect yourself on an abseil and how to set up an abseil

Ideally your have your own climbing rack and rope but if you dont we can suppliment this with some of our gear.


Your also need your own climbing harness, shoes and helmet. As well as clothing appropriate to the weather.

When you book your get information sheet with much more detail.

You must have previous climbing experience and have either seconded sport climbs or seconded trad routes. You must be able to belay a lead climber.

It really does not matter at all - To create a good learning environment and get max practise we will be on mostly easy grades.

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