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Ghyll scrambling Lake District - The word ghyll scrambling simply means - mountain stream. Depending on the ghyll you visit we will either complete a descent or accent of the gorge of your choice.

Gorge scrambling Lake District involves climbing waterfalls, jumping into pools of water and abseiling as well as some mega slides and other obstacles along the way. Ghyll / Gorge scrambling Lake District is super popular and for a good reason, it is amazing fun. All our sessions are open to all levels of ability and age and you do not need any experience.

Everyone in the Adventuring group will be kitted out with a fitted wetsuit, buoyancy aid, harness and a few other bits of equipment. You will be shown everything you need to know as well as be given a demonstration from your instructor on the jumps, slides and obstacles along the way.

Our ghyll, gorge scrambling or canyoning experience is the ultimate outdoor activity and goes well if you're thinking about making a full day of adventure activities and adding rock climbing or mega abseiling.

You should also check our 500 + amazing Trip Advisor reviews.Where you can read about other people's experiences with Adventuring on the mountains and in the ghylls.

Lake District Adventuring offers a choice of 3 great venues all offering an amazing experience:

  • Gorge scrambling - Sticklebarn: This venue is great for groups with younger children or groups who are much less confident about this activity. Because of this Sticklebarn is great in all water levels. Sticklebarn only involves 1 very small jump however you will be climbing 2 waterfalls, one over 10 meters high. Min age 7+

  • Canyoning - Church Beck: Church Beck Canyoning is all about getting wet. It offers jumps, slides and a waterfall abseiling to name but a few of the challenges along the way. Going to Church Beck is without a doubt our most popular adventure and for good reason. Min age 10+

  • Ghyll Scrambling - Eskdale: The "Esk" is located in the stunning Eskdale valley and is extremely remote with a 45 - 50 min walk just to the bottom of the ghyll. go to the Esk is a very wet and wild adventure with some massive cliff jumps and some awesome scrambles along the way. Min age 15 +

Not sure which venue to choose? Read our great blog post on which venue to choice from. This post will give you more details on each venue and help you to choose the right one for you.

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      Children, Family, Short Breaks
    • Activity Level Leisurely
    • Group Size Large Group


    ACTION RATING -  – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    LEVEL– Beginner

    AGE – 7+

    PRICE - £45 per adult - £35 per child

    TIME - 2.5 hours

    Ghyll Scrambling -Stickle barn is an amazing experience that has everything you could want. It’s without a doubt most popular adventure activity we run.  This activity is loads of fun  It goes amazing with the the Rock climbing experience session to make an awesome full day of adventure without any travel.


    ACTION RATING - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    LEVEL - Intermediate - Advanced

    AGE - 10+

    PRICE - £50 per adult - £45 per child

    TIME - 2 - 2.5 hours

    Church beck is located in the village of Coniston just 25 mins from Ambleside.

    This Ghyll is more of a canyon and involves some serious jumps - slides and climbs. This is 100% a wet one and has some incredible challenges along the way. Canyoning involves climbing waterfalls, jumps, slides and abseiling down the beck.


    ACTION RATING -  – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    LEVEL–  Advanced

    AGE – 15 +

    PRICE - £85 per adult min of 2

    TIME - 6 - 7 hour

    The Esk is located in the stunning Eskdale valley and extremely remote with an 45 - 50 min walk just to the bottom of the ghyll. This is very wet outing with big cliffs jumps and and some awesome scrambles along the way.

    Its not for the faint hearted at all but you are well rewarded with some spectacular views in an amazing places that will be sure to get your heart racing.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The cost includes:

    • A fitted wetsuit.
    • Buoyancy aid
    • Neoprene socks
    • Helmet
    • Harness.
    • A qualified, experienced and safe instructor.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    The cost does not include:

    • Travel to the venue.
    • Food and drink.
    • Shorts to put over your wetsuit.
    • Suitable footwear.

    We run 2 sessions a day, the first at 10am and the afternoon session at 13:30.

    The session last around 2 and half  hours depending on the group size.

    We run them throughout the year starting in March and stopping at the end of October.

    These are open sessions, with restricted numbers for safety. In peak periods there will be a high chance there will be other people in the session.

    However, we do our best to put similar groups of people together, for example a family with young children wouldn't be put together with a group of people on a stag party.

    For both of these you will need to be able to have some confidence in water. Regardless of whether you are an Olympic level swimmer or a non-swimmer everybody will be provided with and must wear a buoyancy aid.

    We will supply you with all the equipment you will need for the session. You just need to bring the following:

    • Stiff shoes that you're happy to get wet in (i.e. trainers).
    • a towel
    • Shorts to go over the top of your wet suit.
    • A swimming costume to wear under your wet suit.
    • Any medication you may require.

    Shorts are there to protect the wetsuit your wearing. They are not cheep and by putting shorts on we are helping to keep wear down. Another reason is that a wetsuit and harness can very reviling for men and not the best look - the shorts cover this.

    Overall Rating
    ian and helen cooper
    Reviewed On 09/09/2022

    The best experience ever - the highlight of our holiday and something we will not forget in a long time. Thank you jack for an amazing experience everything is perfect.