Which Ghyll scramble to choose ?

Lake District Adventuring offers some amazing outdoor activities. From rock climbing, paddle boarding to abseiling we offer a really impressive range of adventure activities that literally perfect for everyone at any level.

However, they ghyll scrambling and canyoning is without a doubt our most popular Lake District adventure activity that we do and for really good reason. Its epic fun regardless of the weather and an ideal way to have some fun when the weather is far from ideal.

The biggest question we get is which ghyll scramble to choose from ?. So, in this article we are going to look at the key differences between our 3 venues that we use – Sticklebarn, Church beck canyon or the Esk.

If your more interested in What is ghyll scrambling check out our detailed blog post here. 


Stickle Ghyll is located in the South of the Lake District National Park. The stream runs down the side of the mountain known as the Langdale Pikes. The source of the stream is from Stickle Tarn which is at the very top of the stream. 

This tarn (mountain lake) sits in the hanging valley at the base of the popular scramble called Jacks rack .We have put together a great blog and video all about Jacks racks you can check out here

The start point of the ghyll scramble is accessed via a 1-minute walk from the Sticklebarn Pub Car Park (National Trust Car Park)

Here is the Google Maps link for Sticklebarn in Langdale, Cumbria:


Stickle ghyll a great little ghyll scrambling experience that involves ascending the ghyll known as Stickle Ghyll. There are a variety of challenges you will encounter along the way such as – climbing 2 waterfalls 1 approx. 6 meters in high and the other about 18 meters. There is a small jump about the height the roadside curb.  

It is a great scramble if your super unconfident or have small children because of the easy access it makes for a fun morning or afternoon. Sticklebarn ghyll can be done in any conditions with all the obstacles miss able if you don’t want to do them.  



Church beck canyon is located in the South of the Lake District National Park. It runs from the foot of the mountain called “The Old Man of Coniston” just below the “Coppermines”. 

The start point of the canyon is accessed via a 15-20 minute moderate walk from the meeting place in the car park on Old Furnace Road located at the top of the town of Coniston. Changing will take place at cars.

Here is the Google Maps link for Old Furnace Road in Coniston:


It is a great canyoning experience that involves descending the stream known as Church Beck. There are a variety of challenges you will encounter along the way such as – sliding, jumping and being lowered on a rope down some great waterfalls.

This is not what most companies are referring to as “the canyon section” of Church Beck or “the top section”. Our experience starts higher up and is more involved. Along the way your encounter several jumps of different styles including the iconic “Slot jump “ and “Slide fall “

This a very action packed and adrenaline full experience which packs a punch along the way. Church Beck canyon is without a doubt out most popular adventure activity for very good reason. 



This big one as good as it gets here in the Lake District. The “Esk” is a full day affair with a 45 min to an hour mountain walk just to get to the bottom of the venue.

Located in the South of the Lake District in the stunning Eskdale Valley. Reached via the Hardknott Pass. You must be a confident driver to navigate this pass as the road is steep, winding, narrow and can be busy later on in the day. From Windermere this is approx 1.5 hour drive.

Here is the Google Maps link for Eskdale ghyll – https://goo.gl/maps/kZ7nVg5m9SWbkJFx8

However that said it is well worth it with some of the biggest jumps in the Lake District. With amazing climbs and scrambles. Between all the action there is amazing pools of water that have the best view ever. 

This ghyll is not to be underestimated and not to be taken lightly. Your will be required to carry in your own equipment so a large bag is a must for the Esk.