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Activities for Adventure in the Lake District

The Lake District and Cumbria are England’s adventure playgrounds, offering an almost endless array of challenges for your body and mind. For an action-packed adventure staycation, here is the place to be, whether you like to go walking, abseiling, zorbing, or kayaking.

We can show you a ton of other adventure activities you didn’t know you wanted to experience, in addition to the ones you specifically requested.

Adventure activities Lake District Adventuring

Thrilling Adventures Await in the Lake District

The unique geography of the Lake District, home to the highest mountain in England- Scafell Pike which is an amazing place to watch the sunrise and some of the country’s largest and deepest lakes Wasdale, making it the ideal outdoor setting for both dry and wet adventure activities.

Note: The Lake District is a holiday destination for couples, families, adults, as well as children. In other words, all demographic groups of people can have endless fun in the Lake District. You can be struggling to stay dry on a paddleboard on Lake Windermere one second and zipping through the woods on a zipline in Grizedale Forest the next.

It is just as simple to wade into a swift-moving stream for some wild water fishing as it is to play a round of golf against a beautiful mountain backdrop or consider going Rock climbing

There are a lot of adrenaline-rush activities that you may consider for yourself and your family in the Lake District.


Unleashing Your Inner Adventurer: Lake District Escapades

The Lake District is one of the most popular natural attractions in the UK. It is the ideal location for anyone looking for adventure activities in the Lake District regardless of whether scaling new heights or going into the water.

There are plenty of thrills to be had here, whether it’s hiking along the hilltops, participating in a variety of water activities including rock climbing and ghyll scrambling, or exploring the interesting network of caves.

There are also accommodations in the Lake District where guests also profit from special guest discounts to some of the Lake’s best adventure activities and destinations, which aids in bringing out their inner adventurer.

Lake District Abseiling

Abseiling, an exhilarating adventure activity, invites thrill-seekers to defy gravity and descend from heights with a rush of adrenaline. Unlike simply staying at the summit, abseiling adds an extra dimension to the experience by involving a controlled descent down a rock face using ropes. Picture yourself suspended in mid-air, relying on a secure rope system to gradually lower yourself, creating a heart-pounding sensation that truly amplifies the excitement of the descent.

Abseiling not only allows you to conquer the heights but also offers a unique and thrilling perspective of the landscape as you descend, making it an unforgettable adventure for those seeking an adrenaline-fueled challenge.

Canyoning and Ghyll scrambling

Gorge walking, commonly referred to as ghyll scrambling, is a thrilling activity that’s probably not for the faint of heart. You will be wandering through rivers, sliding off rocks, navigating waterfalls, jumping into pools from a great height, and generally getting up to your neck in cold water if you decide to participate.

It is a very popular adventure activity to do in the Lake District and for very good reason. Lake District Adventuring offer 3 amazing venues which you can read about here. 

Lake District mountain walks

Why not elevate your adventure by combining the thrill of abseiling with the breathtaking vistas of the Lake District’s majestic mountains? Embark on a journey of both ascent and descent, where the thrill of climbing up is only surpassed by the awe-inspiring views awaiting you at the summit.

The Lake District boasts some of the best and most accessible mountains, providing an ideal canvas for a perfect adventure. For those looking to start small, the ascent of Catbells offers a rewarding introduction to mountain climbing. As you conquer the peaks, you’ll be greeted with panoramic views that stretch across the lakes and valleys, making every step a visual delight.

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