Lake District Mountain Guide

Lake District Mountain Guide

Lake District Mountain Guide AdventuringWhy you should hire a Lake District Mountain Guide. For some people, an ideal vacation is lying beside a pool of a 5-star all-inclusive hotel in an exotic location. Others prefer spending their holidays a little more actively – hiking and taking hill walks. If you are one of such persons then hiring a Lake District mountain guide is an absolute must.

We've put together just a few great reasons why you should hire yourself a great Lake District Mountain guide. As well as recommending a great Lake District Mountain Guide company for you to check out.

  • They will help you to make the most of your time. 

Lets be honest, your time is precious. Because of that you'll going to want to make the most of your time in the Lake District and get as much out of it as you can. The great thing about a mountain guide is they will listen to what you want and support you to create a great itinerary together encompassing you wishes.

  • Guides make great teachers.

A mountain guide offers more than just a walk, they will offer you an outstanding experience. They have extensive knowledge of the area they are operating in. Because of this they will be able to tell you lots of information about the surrounding environment. The job of the mountain guide in the Lake District is not just to take you from A to B but to ensure you walk away with a greater knowledge than what you arrived with. As well as teaching you about being in the mountains and being safe so that you can carry on enjoying them.

  • They are just great people to be on the mountains with

Mountain Guides are very knowledgeable and friendly folk. We are used to engaging with a huge range of people from all over the world and we are passionate about sharing your adventure with you. This makes us great people to have an adventure with.

  • Keep you safe 

Fundamentally that's our priority, all of the above doesn't come into account unless this is in place. This is particularly important when we a doing things like mountain scrambling, Rock climbing or out in adverse weather conditions. Because of the high level of qualification and being experts at what they do they will be able to read conditions and anticipate danger. As well as knowing how to handle a emergency or avoid it all together.

  • Recommendations for a Mountain Guiding company

There are bags of guiding company's out there some great and some not so great. The thing to make sure is that they are insured, that they have the right qualification for the

Lake District Mountain Guide Adventuringjob and that they have the correct first aid cover. Don't be afraid to ask to questions .

Clearly if your reading our blog post then it make sense to drop us a message but with that in mind our personal recommendation is to head over to Summit and Beyond. They offer personable and educational walks across the UK.

Cheek out next weeks blog post on the first steps to becoming a Mountain leader.