Adrenalin Activities for 2022

Looking for a challenge in 2022? Discover some of the best adrenalin activities to get your heart racing, from rock climbing & mountaineering to abseiling. If you love to feel the blood rushing through your veins and your heart pumping, these adrenalin activities for 2022 will push you to your limits. Why not set yourself a goal for the new year and take on a thrilling challenge of a lifetime? From gorge scrambling in the Lake District to climbing to dizzy heights on a Mt Toubkal expedition, we have something for all kinds of adrenalin seekers.

Rock Climbing in the Lake District

If you’ve never attempted rock climbing before, don’t worry because our course is suitable for all levels. One of our highly experienced instructors will teach you the basics of this exciting activity from belaying and smearing to edging. You’ll also get to enjoy the stunning scenery that surrounds the outdoor rock climbing locations in the Lake District. Rock clmbing is a must for anyone seeking the best adrenalin activities for 2022.

Gorge Scrambling in the Lake District

Also known as ghyll scrambling, gorge scrambling is a fun activity for all ages and is particularly great for families or groups of friends wanting to try something a little different. You can choose from two locations in the Lake District, each one set against a magnificent fellside backdrop. You’ll be provided with a wetsuit and buoyancy aid and given full instructions before you set off on an exciting adventure climbing up waterfalls, abseiling down rocks and jumping into crystal-clear pools.

Adrenalin Activities for 2022 Adventuring

Lake District Abseiling

Embark on an abseiling experience and test your mettle as you learn how to descend down a steep 60 metre rock face. This is one of the best adrenaline rush activities and it will certainly get your heart racing, but you’ll feel amazing once you’ve completed the challenge. An experienced instructor will ensure you’re safe at all times and will guide you through every step of the way. Prior to the big descent, you’ll have the chance to practice on a smaller rock to build up your confidence. Besides being one of the best adrenalin activities, during the abseiling experience you’ll also get to explore an impressive cave and tunnels of the quarry.

Mountaineering Expeditions

If you’ve always wanted to tackle the peaks of some iconic mountains but you don’t have any experience, our introductory course to mountaineering will teach you all the skills you need. Once you’ve built up enough confidence, you can take on some of world’s most imposing peaks. From the National Three Peaks and Everest Base Camp, to Mt Toubkal in Morocco, you can try your hand at one of these ultimate challenges.

At Lake District Adventuring, each of our instructors is fully qualified and has a wealth of experience so you’ll always be in safe hands. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our adrenalin activities for 2022. A fantastic way to start the year!

Adrenalin Activities for 2022 Adventuring

Lake District Paddle boarding

Lake District Paddle boarding has never been so popular with its endless possibility’s of amazing venues and great places this is an amazing experience for all. 

Coming to the Lake District and not going on the lake is like not having an ice cream on hot day ! It is a must do – Your see wild life, amazing views and all sorts of wonderful things along way