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rock climbing in the Lake District

The rock climbing in the Lake District has got to be some of if not the best rock climbing in England.

The Lake District provide some unique and spectacular rock climbing, ranging from the high mountain crags such as Scafell and Pillar, to the lower crags situated in the valleys such as Lower Scout in the Langdale valley.

Rock climbing in the Lakes is at its best during the summer months when the crags are dry, warm and the valleys are blooming with colour.

Across the Lake District there are many different places to climbing you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy this amazing sport.

rock climbing in the Lake District Adventuring

The word crag is a term your hear a lot it simply means a steep or rugged cliff or rock face. It’s a term that rock climbers use to describe a climbing venue. Such as Shepherds Crag or Raven crag. Each of these “crags” has its own character and unique atmosphere. Which adds to the excitement of the day. 

rock climbing in the Lake District Adventuring


You really do not have to step far in the Lake District to go and give climbing ago. In fact, there are so many places for a beginner to discover rock climbing and give it a shot. You could join on to a Rock climbing taster session – The perfect outdoor activity in the Lake District if you have not done it before.

On one of these outdoor activities, you will be supplied with all the equipment that you need including a harness and climbing helmet. Of course, your also do plenty of rock climbing through out your time with your instructor as well.  

The crag that you will be taken to will have a wide range of difficulties and plenty for you try your hand at.  Some of the routes are big and some are small but the one thing you can be sure off is that there is something there everyone.

Rock climbing in the Lake District is a great family day out and ideal for children who want to give the great sport ago.  

rock climbing in the Lake District Adventuring

Experienced Rock climbiners

If you have some experience rock climbing in the Lake District then there is plenty for you to try. Not just on the higher crags and fells but also lower down.

Places like Raven Crag in the Langdale valley that have an abundance of grades and climbs.

Alternatively, the higher crags always seem to call out to the experienced climbers. The attraction of a fine Lake District mountain day on the bigger crags on a summer’s day is not to missed. Such classics like Bowfell Buttress, Murry’s route and many more are classics of the area and a must do for any aspiring rock climber.

It important to note that a high level of experience is needed before visiting these areas. Because of that if you are not sure you really should attend a skills course or hire a mountain guide for the day(s) to ensure that you stay safe and have the best time possible.

The best places to visit in the Lake District if your new to climbing.

  • Brown slabs – Borrowdale Valley
  • Black crag – Langdale
  • Wodens face – Borrowdale
  • Lower scout crag

The best places to visit if your experienced at rock climbing.

  • Shepherds crag – Borrowdale
  • Dow crag – Coniston
  • Bowfell – Langdale
  • Scafell – Wasdale.

About the Author. 

rock climbing in the Lake District Adventuring

Jack from Lake District Adventuring has been rock climbing for over 10 years.

In that time, he has been lucky to climb his way around some of the most amazing places not just in the Lake District but across the UK and overseas.

Lake District Adventuring is the perfect company to take you climbing regardless of your experience.

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