Lake District outdoor adventure

Lake District Outdoor Adventures


Lake District Outdoor Adventures - The Lake District is full of amazing things to do whether you're an adrenaline junky, hiker or just prefer to potter around the area exploring with your family.

Either way there is so much to see and do that it makes the perfect destination for everybody no matter what you wish to do.

That said, today we are going to look at our Top 5 Lake District Outdoor Adventures

1) Ghyll Scrambling in the Lake District

Without a doubt this is the most amazing thing you'll do in the Lake District. With this great outdoor activity there is something for everyone that's for sure !

Lake District Outdoor Adventures Adventuring

The word ghyll or gorge means mountain steam and there is loads of them in the Lakes at varying difficulty. The most popular venue is Church Beck and for good reason, it has some great waterfall jumps and much more. You'll be kitted out with a wet suit, harness and anything else you may need.

This comes fully instructed providing you with everything you need to know. Ghyll scrambling in the Lake District is the perfect summer activity and great for all levels of ability and age range.

Gorge / Ghyll scrambling makes the best wet day activity as you're going to get pretty wet anyway! So there is no real reason why you shouldn't give it a go.


2 )  Try Rock Climbing

Another great outdoor adventure to have a go at in the Lake District is of course Rock Climbing. The Lakes are home to British Rock Climbing. Because of that, it's an amazing place to come and learn how to climb with a huge range of crags to learn on.

Lake District Outdoor Adventures Adventuring

The great thing about rock climbing is that it gets everybody involved plus there is some easy stuff and some hard stuff for you try your hand at. The thing with climbing is that it's all about the climbing! You'll get plenty of goes and hopefully learn a thing or two.  This is why we think its the 2nd best adventure you can do in the Lakes.


3) Mega Abseiling

Abseiling involves going down a steep rock face backwards - Not for everyone 🤣. That said it's an ideal way to give yourself a little adrenaline kick and to do something you maybe haven't done before, but fancy pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little.

Lake District Outdoor Adventures Adventuring

Lake District Adventuring takes you to the amazing tunnels of an old disused quarry. It has a nice small abseil and a much larger one ( 60 meters ).

You'll get a chance to complete the smaller one first so you can have a practise. Then, if you're happy and feeling brave it's off to the big one. As well as the abseil you'll have an amazing experience exploring the caves and tunnels of the quarry that we use.

Abseiling also makes another wet weather activity.

4) Get a Lake District Mountain Guide

No one knows the Lake District mountains like a Lake District mountain guide. Your guide will help you to plan the best day out possible.

They will listen to what you have done before and then come up with a day out that is suitable for what you would like to achieve.

Lake District Outdoor Adventures Adventuring

You could find yourself climbing along striding edge ( Click here to see our post about the best way up Striding Edge ) or climbing up on the High Crag. Really, it's down to you what you would like to achieve and we will help you get there.

There is an awesome article here about why you should hire a Lake District Mountain Guide.